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Other Interests

Some other things that tickle my fancy, quite a few links hereÖ

Norwegian Wrestling Federation

Tekstboks: World of Armwrestling

My active carrier in Armwrestling started in 1992 and ended with an injury during the 1998 World Championships in Thunder Bay Canada.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Short summary of my achievements:
















Norwegian Championship (Junior)

Norwegian Championship

Nordic Championship

Norwegian Cup, 7 competitions

World Championship, Geneva, Switzerland

Norwegian Championship

Norwegian Championship

Norwegian Championship

Norwegian Championship

Norway Open

Golden Arm, Eskilstuna, Sweden

World Championship, Thunder Bay, Canada

55 Kg

55 Kg

55 Kg

55 Kg

50 Kg

55 Kg

55 Kg

55 Kg

55 Kg

60 Kg

55 Kg

50 Kg

50 Kg

3, Place

2, Place

3, Place

2, Place

3, Place

3, Place

1, Place

1, Place

2, Place

2, Place

3, Place

5, Place

5, Place ( Left arm)

Tekstboks: Fishing and the outdoors

Fishing is one of my passions, the tranquility of going on a camping trip in the woods, a little lake and a camp fire. Rest and recreation in its true element.


Although my favourite is fly-fishing i also enjoy fishing with other equipment as well as salt water fishing.



Some pictures from our trips

Tekstboks: Litterature

Although i canít always seem to find the time to sit down with a good book, when i finally do i seldom regret. I enjoy variety, so i read everything from history to novels, ranging from the supernatural to a good old fashioned criminal story.


But i do have some favourite authors:


J.R.R. Tolkien

The Hobbit

Lord of the Rings

The Silmarillion† (completed by Christopher Tolkien)

Children of Hurin (completed by Christopher Tolkien)


Robert Ludlum


There are too many good ones to mention but i guess the most popular now is the collection of Jason Bourne which has become a great hit on the big screen.


Stephen King


The king of nailbiting horror stories, also too many to mention.


Larry McMurtry


Comanche Moon

Streets of Laredo

Lonesome Dove

Dead Mans Walk


Charles Dickens


An author that everybody should pursue.


Dan Brown


The DaVinci Code


John Grisham


Grips you from the first page, has quite a few bestsellers.


James Herriot


Famous Yorkshire Vet that has put his experiences into books, tells a great story.


Raymond Khoury


The Last Templar

Tekstboks: The House & Garden

I moved into the house in 1997, my first real home and i have spent the last tens years refurbishing.


Everything from carpenter work, to landscaping. I truly enjoy seeing change and have spent many hours around and about the house, its a great investment beside the fact that it keeps me busy. I guess i am a jack of all trades and master of none, but i get 10 out of 10 for effort!

Some pictures of the everchanging project

Tekstboks: Music

Although i havent got a musical bone in my body, i still love music and could not live without it. I have a wide taste that spans from classical to bluegrass, my collection is vast and this is a list of some of my favourite artists and bands:



When it comes to films, my interests are widespread.

Actually i find it hard to pick out an all time favourite, but i have tried to list a few:


Lord of the Rings trilogy


Star Wars I-VI


The Bourne series


Indiana Jones




Brokeback Mountain






The Gladiator




Gangs of New York


Cast Away


The Dear Hunter

Tekstboks: Films
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Tekstboks: Texas Holdem

Like many people around the world, i have also taken up poker on the internet. Like everyone else i complain about bad beats and hit the ceiling once every blue moon when i get a royal flush. All in all i enjoy the strategy of the game and hopefully one day i will have a seat at the WSOP.

Tekstboks: AIRBRUSH

Some of my efforts as an airbrush artist, its a start at least! Three of them are in my sonís bedroom and the Tweety is in the workshop.

A special thanks to the guys at who got me interested!


Some really nice motives there!

Jeff Dunham has been added as one of those amazing comedians, i had the pleasure of seeing his show in Oslo on April 13th, what a show...still hurting from all the laughing!!!

The amazing Jeff Dunham with over 4 million DVDís sold and 360 million views on YOUTUBE .


He has† signed a deal with Comedy Central and is bringing the characters alive for audiences all around the world.


This is truly one of the best there is out there and worth checking out.