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To keep it simple, this page pays tribute to people who have helped me along the way and those that have inspired me.


Thanking everyone personally or making everyone happy is an impossible task, so hopefully I dont insult anybody. If so, i truly apologise.


I would like to thank all the people that have been helpful along the way and i will try to pay tribute fairly, if you feel left out… Check out the rest of this site, a link to your page might be somewhere else, in the case that i have forgotten something (which isnt unlikely). Please contact me and i will post it on the site.


A warm Thank you and gratitude to all who have made this possible!



                                         A special thank you to ebay and all the traders out there, i have been lucky enough to bid on and win as well as sell items to all parts of the world. I have met a lot of wonderful people who have put borders, politics and cultures aside, built trust and friendships as well as sharing passions. Its a pleasure dealing with you all and i look forward to making new acquaintances...





Thank you to all the LEGO Fans out there, some of the sites are amazing and a great source for information.

I have listed a few that i use frequently to keep me updated:




The best toy ever made, keep up the good work!

To George Lucas and all the fans around the world, may the force be with you…


P.S. Another trilogy wouldnt go a miss...

Steven Spielberg is an all time favourite, what can i say?


Keep the films coming…


As a fan of Indiana Jones a few links that come in handy:


Indiana Jones


The Raider


J.R.R. Tolkien, gave the world middle earth and what a place it is. Once you start reading you engulf into the world of the hobbits, the pleasant life in the shire to the fear that strikes at Mordor.


Christopher Tolkien carries the legacy onwards and captures us once again...


Peter Jackson managed to visualise the Lord of the Rings with the cast and the crew in New Zealand. We now look forward to seeing The Hobbit on the big screen…


Tolkien Estate


The One Ring


The Council of Elrond


New Line Cinema


Tolkien Town


Sideshow Collectibles


The One Ring

A special thanks to Wikipedia, and to all the people around the world who make it happen.



Steve Irwin, a man that captured audiences all around the world with Animal Planets, Croc Hunter.


”Danger, Danger, Danger” the words still bring back great memories of a man sharing a legacy, teaching us all how sacred our wildlife and nature is.


A true conservationist with the ability of reaching out to all age groups with important wildlife issues around the world.


He passed away doing what he loved. His legacy lives on with the Irwin family and crew at Australia Zoo, i hope to visit one day.


22.02.1962-04.09.2006 R.I.P.

Boyd Coddington, legendary hot rod and custom car builder, left us all too soon. After capturing a nation he captured audiences around the world with American Hotrod on Discovery.


His style, imagination and crew made the impossible, possible. Delivering amazing cars that most of us can and will dream about…


28.08.1944-27.02.2008 R.I.P.

In loving memory of my mother and father who passed away all too soon, the time we had together is indescribable as is the emptiness you left behind. The years have gone by and i now have a family of my own, but not a day passes without you being in my thoughts.


My memories of a wonderful childhood stay with me, although i might not have expressed my appreciation when you both were alive. I realise now that i owe a lot of gratitude for my upbringing, your legacy lives on in me and i can now share it with my children.


Thank you for being so loving and caring



Ingedal Church, their final resting place

Mamma and Pappa


You will always be with me

Lise, i truly appreciate your patience and devotion, i know i am not easy to live with but you have stuck by my side no matter what. I deeply respect and love you and look forward to the rest of our lives together.


I only hope i can teach my children what i have learnt and hope that they dont make my mistakes, its a daily trial not being hard and impatient. Not that its their fault, they are wonderful. I still have a life time of learning to do and i hope they forgive me some day for my so called old fashioned upbringing.


To my family i can only say that you mean everything to me, all though its hard to find enough time in todays society. We also use it as an excuse, i am out of excuses and look forward to spending more time together.


My aunt and uncle took over the role after my parents passed away and i can not thank them enough for taking care of me and supporting me when times were hard, you will always be a part of my life.


John, my dearest friend, more like family. You have always been there for me. Keeping an eye out for me since i was a child, where would i be without our conversations. I surely don’t know how to respectfully thank you enough for your time, honesty and dedication.


To the rest of my friends i can only say thank you, for your support when things have been bad. Your patience when i have been out of place, your support and understanding when i have made decisions. Your advice when i have been in doubt, not that i have always listened, but most of all for being friends.

To family and friends...

A little tribute to the Teutel family who run Orange County Choppers. I first discovered you on Discovery Channel and although my interests for motorcycles has been minimal i was hooked.

You guys are amazing, a joy to watch the family feuds but the most important thing is the end result. Some of the most awesome choppers out there, all honour for the work that you do with charity as well. Keep up the good work and i hope one day to come and visit you guys in Rock Tavern.

A little tribute to the above channels and the guys and gals that make it happen in the shows mentioned here. Educational, emotional, fun and interesting, never a boring evening when watching, Deadliest Catch, American Choppers, Dirty Jobs or Miami Ink. Thanks to History Channel for deepening my interest in history!



Phil Harris, Captain of the Cornelia Marie passed away winter 2010.


Phil seemed to be a wonderful character and his devotion to his children and the sea was surpassed by no one, he will be greatly missed as part of the crew from Deadliest Catch.


1956-2010 R.I.P.