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This page collects some private photographs from holidays and other interesting things , there are some interesting links added to some of them...

Kennedy Space Center, Cape Caneveral

Universal Orlando Resort

Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Downtown Disney

Epcot Center

Daytona Beach

Florida east coast sunrise...

Sunset on Key West...

Ford Mustang 2005, Cabriolet. Probably the best rent-a-car i have had!

Stealing food from the birds...

Will Santa come this year?  Christmas 2006

Tough day???

The boat!

Kristiansand Zoo, with Captain Sabretooth

Givskud Zoo, Denmark. Summer 2007. Amazing place...

Dive Show at Skara Summerland

Hunderfossen Theme Park, home of Ivo Caprino’s ”Pinch Grand Prix”

Snake in the garden

First ride without supporting wheels, summer 2006

Snowangel? Winter 2006

Does not get much prettier than this, one of our campsites!

A very happy and proud child! Summer 2006

Sunset, picture taken from our veranda!

The view we wake up to everyday!

I hate spiders, and this one is huge!

Not a big fan of these either!

Trouble! Alexander, 2002

Sunset in winter!

Hmmmm, idea’s about a career or just mischief?

The house before the big refurbishment!

West Coast of Norway!

Speaks for itself!

Akershus Fort, Oslo

My job, welding rails!

Iron ore transported by train from Kiruna to Narvik

Suddenly trains become tiny in comparison to the surroundings!

A view from the tracks on the ”Ofotbanen” from Kiruna to Narvik

Picture taken from Katterat Station overlooking the Rombak valley

One of my finished welds...

Pretty awesome track switch that was built in 2001, whilst our company refurbished Stockholm South!