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Welcome to my hideout!

This site is dedicated to my family who share the legacy of my life in the making, i thank them for their patience and understanding as i am probably not the easiest person in the world to live with.

Hopefully this hideout will please you as it has done for me in the making, its a collection of important parts of my life, interests and passions. I have placed many interesting links here and alot of information. Have fun...

The site is in memory of my mother and father who meant everything to me, may they rest in peace.


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Tekstboks: LATEST NEWS:

UPDATE December 26th 2009
General update

UPDATE June 22nd 2009
General update

UPDATE April 26th 2009
General update

UPDATE April 15th 2009
General update

UPDATE March 4th 2009
Updates to inventory pages and new pictures added.

UPDATE February 24th 2009
New items on the Star Wars pages and LOTR. Updated LEGO page as well as added some new photos.

UPDATE February 14th 2009
LEGO Star Wars inventory, City revised.
Work pages revised
General updates

UPDATE January 27th 2009
New pages added and some updates and changes to some pages.

UPDATE January 25th 2009
Page updates and new items posted.

UPDATE January 9th 2009
LEGO pages, review and other items posted.

UPDATE January 2nd 2009
New pages added and updated inventory on LEGO pages.

A baby girl was born and Alexander has become the proud big brother to Leah Aimée

Tekstboks: April 25th  2010:

Updates to the work pages as well as general updates, minifigure collection is now complete and updates to the 1957 Ford page.

January 15th 2010:

Updates to the LEGO pages, minifigure collection and inventory lists as well as general updates. I have also included building instructions to all the LEGO Star Wars sets here.

December 26th 2009:

Updates with pictures of mini-figure collection here and here. As well as updates on the Shop displays as well as the Toy Fair pages, there has also been updates to other places on the site. I wish everyone health, wealth and happiness for 2010. Happy New Year!

December 26th 2009:

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, the site has been updated.
LEGO collection has passed 226720 pieces, 470 sets and 1500 minifigures.

June 22nd 2009:

Updates to the Lego pages, new pictures as well as a few bits and pieces. Keep in touch, there is alot going on now!

April 26th 2009:

Updates on the work page and LEGO pages...several other adjustments. LEGO Collection has passed 210000 pieces and 460 sets!

Tekstboks: UPDATES
Tekstboks: A friend is someone who reaches out for your hand...
and touches your heart.
A friend is someone who walks in
when the whole world has walked out.
Good friends share good times,
but great friends divide pain.
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The gateway to the lochs at Ørje that are Europes highest as well as connecting the five lakes that stretch from North of Ørje all the way to Halden, some 70 kilometres

The house taken from the air in the helicopter you see below, summer 2008

Ørje is known for its Canalmuseum and Steamboat Club.


Engebret Soot built the first Norwegian Canal Locks at Ørje between 1857-60.


The total lift of the locks is 10 meters or 30 feet divided by three steps, connecting Rødenes Lake to Øymark Lake.


It connects with other locks binding five lakes together and was used until 1982 for transporting timber.


Now the enthusiasts run several steamboats through the locks and there are also daytrips through some wonderful nature and the opportunity of being taken up some 10 meters at Ørje.


There is a festival hosted here each year that brings people from all over Scandinavia, mainly due to the trading of postcards and the sales booths, and last but not least the chance to get a trip with one of these beautiful steamboats.


Like the D/S Engebret Soot that was built in 1861, 148 years of history!

Engebret Soot, (1786-1859)founder of the locks at Ørje.

Steamboat D/S Engebret Soot

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